"We orchestrate the process from start to finish."

Acting as your representative, World BioHazTec will guide you every step of the way, from organizing the bidding and recommending a general contractor, through Owner move-in and certification. This will keep your budget in check and provide maximum protection from contractor default and litigation. World BioHazTec can provide significant value to its clients by bringing architects, consultants, contractors, and planners together as a team under one focal point of accountability. As your "eyes and ears" for the project, we become your point of contact for quick and accurate answers about all of the project's components. Our staff coordinates all relevant details, from project reporting to contractor negotiations to value engineering, to make certain that your project goals are met.

To ensure that the proper construction team is in place, WBHT has the knowledge and expertise to draft the proposal documents to call for qualified contractors who have relevant knowledge in the designing and building of laboratories. In collaboration with the Owner, WBHT will provide recommendations on the procurement approach for the biocontainment laboratory construction work. We will gage the construction market, determine long lead items, and make recommendations regarding the methodology.

Additionally, there are many facets of construction which are not covered in the contract for construction. The Owner must move in, supply furnishings and equipment, as well as maintain all of the complex electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. We assist you in this process, providing you with our skilled management until well after the general contractor has completed the work.