"Design a laboratory that meets safety and health standards and put the saved construction dollars towards research."

Design Reviews
World BioHazTec understands the challenges associated with laboratory design, construction, and retrofits. We review design documents at planned intervals and submit comments to the Client and/or the design firm to ensure that the laboratory is constructed to meet all applicable guidelines and regulations. We are the industry experts who identify design issues which may result in significant cost savings to the client.

Laboratory Planning
World BioHazTec specializes in the programming, planning and design of biocontainment and research laboratories. To obtain total laboratory performance, we act as an integrated consultant in the design of your laboratory. Our team provides an optimum design that meets the objectives of the planned research and ensure that the laboratory will operate safely and securely. World BioHazTec's industry experts consider safety, accessibility and research goals when planning and programming the laboratory. Critical support areas, equipment, instrumentation, furniture, workflow and M&E systems are incorporated into the design so that a safe and practical laboratory layout is achieved.

Example items addressed during design reviews and laboratory planning include but are not limited to:
  • Biosecurity
  • Select Biological Agents and Toxins Regulations
  • Process flow
  • Spatial relationships
  • Reliability of control systems
  • Building systems serving containment areas (HVAC/exhaust, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, signaling, security, lightning protection)
  • Equipment selection (furnishings, casework, low temperature freezers, biosafety cabinets, and special containment devices)
  • Safety devices (eyewashes, safety showers)
  • Decontamination and sterilization equipment/systems (autoclaves, tissue digesters, effluent decontamination systems)
  • Sustainable design
  • Constructability
  • Energy efficiency