"Risk intelligence."

Risk is a constant concern in biocontainment laboratories. Managing the risk with confidence begins by staying aligned with industry's best practices and complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Using the Laboratory BioRisk Management Standard CWA 15793:2008 as the foundation, our experts work with you to:

  • Improve performance records
  • Increase worker confidence
  • Centralize oversight, coordination, and control
  • Protect against adverse impacts of organizational disruption
  • Develop and expand policies and procedures
  • Gain safety support and commitment from top management
  • Continually improve the safety management system
  • Manage compliance risks
  • Focus the safety culture on prevention

The CWA 15793:2008 Laboratory BioRisk Management System is an intimidating document and many ask the question, "Where should I begin?" Our team will work with you to solve this issue by performing a risk assessment of your safety management system.

WBHT experts work with all levels of your organization to ensure that adequate resources are provided and the BioRisk Management System (BRMS) is integrated throughout the organization. Furthermore, we focus on continuous improvement and identify risks that ultimately lead to improving processes and making the work environment safer. Whether you are just in the beginning stages of developing your BRMS or need technical guidance, WBHT has the methods and tools to help improve safety records, reduce risk, and protect staff, community, and environment from biological agents and toxins within a facility.