"Save money and avoid costly construction pitfalls."

During the construction of the facility, World BioHazTec conducts a barrier inspection to prepare the facility to be certified. It is vital to have your site inspected to ensure that your laboratory is being built to meet the required specifications and guidelines. Upon completion of the inspection, WBHT issues a Report of Findings to identify construction issues and address the commissioning process and preparations for certification.

The Process
An industry expert will come on-site to:
  • Evaluate HVAC components
  • Inspect finishes
  • Examine sealing techniques
  • Investigate mock-ups
  • Discuss construction techniques with the Contractor
  • Develop HVAC "Failure Scenarios" and discuss with the Commissioning Agent
  • Provide work-around resolutions for construction issues identified
  • Advise on compilation of policies and procedures:
    – Biosafety Manual
    – Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures
    – BioRisk Management System in accordance with Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard CWA
    – Facility Operations and Maintenance Manual